In a culture that is based on the pursuit of happiness, meaning something needs to happen for us to be happy, we can easily find ourselves on the eternal hamster wheel of “more-better-faster”. It has us believing that something outside of ourselves will give us the peace and contentment that we long for. This “if-then-when” paradigm keeps us transfixed in ways that prevent us from experiencing the present moment.

By developing the capacity to be present; becoming aware of and shifting our limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns of behavior; and by exploring non ordinary states of consciousness consciously, we can learn how to consistently and sustainably tap into our ever-present access to true joy.

Tapping into this deep well of wisdom, beyond that of our limited minds, is game changing.

Lisa skillfully guides you into a state of being that gives you access to the realization of the transcendent dimension within yourself and your true potential.





"That was truly and sincerely one of the single most powerful healing and liberating experiences." ~ Griff F.

"What I experienced through Lisa’s breathwork session took me to another place entirely; I can honestly describe it as transformative....I connected with myself in a way I hadn’t in a long time. It was mind blowing to learn something so powerful could be generated from within."  ~ Adam S.

“It was as if my ego mind melted away. What I was left with was the awareness of my pure consciousness…I simply felt a profound peace that felt more true than anything I see, touch, taste, or feel in my ordinary state of consciousness. It felt like returning to a beloved home I'd left a long time ago.” ~Molly H

"Powerful physical sensations and an altered state.... Specifically, I was able to experience a sense of vibration and physical energy I had never felt before. Also, the feeling of bliss carried not just through the night but into the whole week. I saw friends three days later and multiple people (on different occasions) described me as looking "lighter". " ~ Drew L.

"I left the practice with a renewed focus and energy I had never before experienced. I felt like a decade's worth of deep-seated thoughts and energy was released." ~ Andrew S.

"Skeptic no more, THIS WORKS WONDERS for your body, mind, and soul!" ~Christine T.

 "...a multi-sensory journey to a blissful and deeply relaxed state. My experiences have ranged from visceral and cathartic evoking overpowering feelings of love and joy to contemplative and pensive allowing for deep self reflection. Each time, I left feeling energized and focused afterward." ~ David R.

 "I owe the most powerful life changing experience to Lisa and her breath work. Lisa, thank you from the deepest part of my heart." ~ Brittany W.

"I can tell you a million reasons why her work is changing lives at the speed of light. Bottom line:  she’ll come to you ( your company, event, retreat ), lay everyone down, hit play on the music and guide them through a breathing experience that will open up their hearts and minds and induce ridiculous levels of joy." ~ Cherie H