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Blisspoint Breathwork

A Journey through Breath and Sound

A Blisspoint Breathwork Journey is an active meditation that gives access to the realization of transcendent dimensions within yourself. Lisa will skillfully guide you through a unique combination of breath and sound that facilitates an “Above Mind” state of being. Every Blisspoint Journey is a unique experience. Depending on each individuals readiness and intentions, these experiences can provide profound relaxation from the often relentless chatter of the conceptual mind. For those that are ready to go further, they can open up to visionary states that reveal deeper wisdom, insights, intuition, emotional clarity and ultimately to shifts in consciousness which can lead to greater levels of peace, love and self mastery.


“Lisa’s breath work is one of the most profound yet simple practices I have experienced.  She goes above and beyond with her personalized soundtrack to support the arc of the work and does an exquisite job of explaining the science behind what you are about to engage in with practicality and a true welcoming humanity. 
She knows how to take you in slowly, and pull you out intelligently so that you can incorporate the experience into the rest of your life. Every time you engage with this work it is different, and she prepares you for the variety of transformative results you can have, so there is less internal judgement or worry as you go through the motions. Above all, she is a loving human being who you know is steeped in integrity, easily wins your trust in her work before you even begin and is not afraid to offer you further investigation into yourself in a gentle but direct way.” - Heather Lilleston, YFBP

“My first experience with breathwork happened nearly four years ago, when I was inexplicably drawn to a session being offered by the wonderful Lisa De Narvaez ( I would describe breathwork as the practice of consciously utilizing the breath to reach deeper, higher, non-ordinary states of consciousness. Lisa showed us a specific deep breathing technique that was known to open and clear the energy of the heart, and then with etherial, rhythmic music enveloping the space, 100 of us laying on the ground together all began to breathe in this way. At first, it felt difficult, a sort of labored gasping. And then, after about 10 minutes it was as if my ego mind melted away. What I was left with was the awareness of my pure consciousness--that eternal aspect of me that holds none of the painful stories or conditioning that cause feelings of suffering, fear, anger, or loneliness in our day-to-day. Almost immediately I received clear guidance about a painful situation I'd been agonizing over for weeks. But mostly, I simply felt a profound peace that felt more true than anything I see, touch, taste, or feel in my ordinary state of consciousness. It felt like returning to a beloved home I'd left a long time ago. And so breathwork has become one of my most important practices. It is a powerful modality for healing, and I have experienced first hand its outcomes--allowing me to access new and forgotten states of consciousness that deepen the richness of my life and my awareness of love and wellbeing.” - Molly Rose Hayward

"I can tell you a million reasons why her work is changing lives at the speed of light. Bottom line:  she’ll come to you ( your company, event, retreat), lay everyone down, hit play on the music and guide them through a breathing experience that will open up their hearts and minds and induce ridiculous levels of joy. " Cherie Healy

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