eckhart tolle advanced training- school of awakening 2019

transformational breathwork certification levels 1-4 with judith kravitz 2017

breathwork healer training certification levels 1-4 with david elliot 2013-2015

life coaching certification NYU 2007-2009

human design specialist certification and advanced training with karen curry 2009-2012

true purpose coaching certification and voice dialogue facilitator training with tim kelly 2010-2011

conscious uncoupling coaching certification with katherine woodward thomas 2015-2016

calling in the one coaching certification with katherine woodward thomas and claire zammit 2010-2011

holistic health counselor certification- institute of integrative nutrition 2004-2005

relationship coaching and EFT (emotional freedom technique) training with paul and layne cutright 2008-2010

psychology of eating and soul based nutrition intensive mark david-2006-2007

anusara yoga teacher training certification – john friend 2005

anusara yoga teacher training certification- lois nesbitt, elena brower, ellen statonsthall and others, 2004

reiki mastership-NYC 2001, reiki levels 1+2- india,1996

qigong and taoist studies- master mantak chia, thailand 1996

shamanic studies- 1998-2004

advanced yoga teachers immersion amy ippolitti, NY 2005

yoga trance dance and chakra vinyasa flow with shiva rea 2009

indian philosophy, yoga and classical singing studies- India 2003

vipassana buddhist meditation studies-  2000

fasting, nutrition and sound healing studies, australia 1997-1998

indian philosophy studies- guru papaji, India 1996

tibetan buddhism studies- nepal 1995

yoga therapeutics- doug elkler, NYC 2005

prenatal/post natal/mommy and baby teacher training- mary barnes NYC 2005

thai yoga massage- pailin winotaka NYC 2005

advanced anusara teacher training- lois nesbitt, elena brower and others, 2004

teachers intensive- jonathan gordon, 2004- 2005

anusara workshops- john friend, june 2004, oct 2004

rajanaka tantra philosophy- dr. douglas brooks april 2004, may 2004, feb 2005

anusara immersion workshops- elena brower and others april 2004, may 2004