"I have been practicing meditative breathing for years as part of my daily routine and it’s always been a productive mental exercise for me. What I experienced through Lisa’s breathwork session took me to another place entirely; I can honestly describe it as transformative. Lisa not only gets your mind meditating, she gets your entire body meditating resulting in a beautiful, vibrating and cathartic sensation. I connected with myself in a way I hadn’t in a long time. It was mind blowing to learn something so powerful could be generated from within. I’m grateful Lisa taught me how and I’ve integrated her method into my own practice, it’s a gift.”

Adam Shwartz, Co-Founder of , Brooklyn , New York

"That was truly and sincerely one of the single most powerful healing and liberating experiences. Lisa in all her warmth and devotion to healing held a safe, sacred space for me to explore and feel into the aspects of myself that needed acknowledgment and clearing. And for me, the breathwork itself was an ecstatic, blissful guided journey through the unknown of my visceral experience. I have few words for what transpired in and through the actual breathwork, but it was deep, all-consuming, and transformational. The vitality and deep sense of aligned, somatic purpose established in that one session with Lisa have left a lasting impression. I'll be back for more. 

Griff Foxley, Entrepreneur, Social Activist, Writer, Poet. Los Angeles

"As an performer I have studied breathing within my work for many years. When I met with Lisa I had a timid curiosity and I came out with a much deeper knowledge of my connection to the energy that surrounds us all. It was shocking to me how I opened myself through this specific breathing. There was no BS with Lisa and there was much to learn about myself simply by showing up with an open mind. I seemed to have opened a door to the attic of my being that was blocked by some old furniture and other people's belongings. Now if can practice my breathing in this way daily then I know that I will grow more." 

E.F., Performer, Los Angeles

"It was a profound experience for me. I've practice a few different kinds of breathwork techniques, but your technique allowed me to go much deeper. The energy I felt during and shortly after the integration was finished carried on throughout the ENTIRE day. Understanding that I can do this on my own is really powerful, and I've started to implement it within my morning routine (prior to meditating)."

Michael Stuhmer, Real Estate Development, San Diego

“My experience with Lisa’s Breathwork class was nothing short of remarkable. Lisa was incredibly informed, patient, and open to taking this beginner through an out of body experience that has converted me to an ultimate believer in the power of Breathwork. Skeptic no more, THIS WORKS WONDERS for your body, mind, and soul!”

Christine Taylor, M.A.C. Trainer, Los Angeles

"I've seeked for years now - through books, therapists, healers, different cardio classes, running, yoga, meditation, you name it, I've tried it - to try and find that one person, that one practice, that one thing, that would help me open my heart in order to let love in and to heal the wounds of my pasts, to really see and feel the beauty of today, to drop the fear, in order to live freely. I had pretty much given up all hope, until I found Lisa and her breath work.  When I tell you that for the first time I actually felt my heart and felt it receive the love it was being given through her voice and words and my breath, I was able to feel forgiveness, for myself - which is where all love begins, with yourself. I owe the most powerful life changing experience to Lisa and her breath work. Lisa, thank you from the deepest part of my heart." 

Brittany M Weeden, Brittany Michele LLC, New York City

"As someone who feels trapped in my head much of the time, I try many techniques to settle into my emotions and simply be and feel. Lisa’s expert breathwork education at Further Future to the soaring soundscape of Eduardo Castillo allowed me to surrender to myself. I actually found myself weeping for the first time in many months for no reason other than the simple self-love which the breathwork facilitated. A’ho Lisa!"

Eamon Armstrong, Creative Director of Fest300, San Francisco

"Powerful physical sensations and an altered state. Both of these built off my daily/weekly practice (recently around mindfulness and gratitude), but extended that work in a really powerful way. Specifically, I was able to experience a sense of vibration and physical energy I had never felt before. Also, the feeling of bliss carried not just through the night but into the whole week. I saw friends three days later and multiple people (on different occasions) described me as looking "lighter". "

Drew Lawerence, Los Angeles

"This was SUCH a breakthrough for me! After many years of suffering from anxiety and some slight depression I am finally coming into my own!"

Kelly Taylor, Assistant Tour Director, Los Angeles

"I am still talking and thinking about the breathwork experience. It was most certainly life changing and the most incredible state of mind I have ever been in. Thank you for being so caring and gentle with your approach, you are so talented!!"

Abbey Gothard, M.A.C Cosmetics, Regional Manager of Artist Training & Development

"Lisa is a spirit guide extraordinaire to unlock what is pure for you inside. She enables one to journey deeply into their soul, using nothing more than their breath. She is not a healer; I classify her as a “weller”, because she simply gives you the breath work tools to transport yourself, to your highest self."

Jeff Scult, Evolving Entrepreneur, New York City

"I am so grateful for this space we shared together. it was, in these moments, when i felt perfectly placed and happy to be a part of something special. love was the resounding theme for me in these moments. simple, honest, available love. love for the moment, for the people, for the animals, for all of the beautiful land and energy. everything seemed "right" after we finished this session. it opened me up to receive. looking forward to what is next."

Bethany Daley, Owner BDaley, Los Angeles, CA

"I had the pleasure of participating in Lisa's breath work session at Further Future Voyage 002 at the Envelope Stage. It was such a powerful experience to share with so many fellow futurists. My body immediately responded to the intense breathing and it felt like lightning was beaming from my hands. At times, I was almost overwhelmed by the sensation, but with Lisa's encouragement and support, I was able to remind myself that I was safe and in control. At the end of the session, I felt energized and had an immediate urge to dance. Looking around the packed stage, I saw my peers filled with so many different emotions: some crying, some laughing, others hugging, and all just feeling very moved and together in that beautiful moment just before sunset.”

Garlic Nahapetian, iOS Developer, Los Angeles

"The first time I experienced the healing vibrations of Lisa's breath work was one of my first introductions to meditation. My 'monkey mind' was temporarily tamed that afternoon as the wildlife of the Tulum jungle buzzed outside. As a frequently anxious person, I was fearful and hesitant, but with Lisa's guidance and the warmth of the love from those around me, I was able to move passed the fear and come into a place of acceptance, allowing and letting go. During the breath work, I felt as though I were floating, enveloped in an intense vibration of emotions, my heart opening, releasing so much I had suppressed for so long. I was able to access crevices filled with sorrow from childhood traumas, filling with gratitude and love. Afterward, I felt that I had just experienced something that may have reworked my emotional being, beginning a process of healing that continues even today.”

Lucy Page, Guest Relations - Habitas, Los Angeles

"My experiences practicing with Lisa have been overwhelmingly positive and powerful. Her technique combines guided meditation, rhythmic breathing, and music to lead participants on a multi-sensory journey to a blissful and deeply relaxed state. My experiences have ranged from visceral and cathartic evoking overpowering feelings of love and joy to contemplative and pensive allowing for deep self reflection. Each time, I left feeling energized and focused afterward. I look forward to many more sessions with Lisa. She’s truly a wonderful, inspirational, and exceptionally talented teacher."

David Rodriguez, Co-Founder & Managing PartnerDraft Ventures, San Francisco

"I blindly walked into Lisa's breath workshop in Tulum, having no preconceived notions but holding an open heart looking to connect further with my inner self. I left the practice with a renewed focus and energy I had never before experienced. I felt like a decade's worth of deep-seated thoughts and energy was released in a 30 minute session. Lisa's personal attention ensured a powerful experience for everyone involved, and I have since been craving my next meditation with her."

A.S., Tech Co-Founder, Berlin

"Lisa began the class with an introduction and what we would be focusing on. The first thing and main thing we went over was taking deep breaths into your stomach then heart and exhaling. After a bit of practice music gets turned on and you get into your own breathing rhythm. After only a few minutes my entire body felt lighter and mind turned off because I was so focused on breathing. My mind was so clear that when anything caused me to have a thought my body would jolt as if I my soul just drifted back into my body. When it was all done I felt extremely relaxed and felt stress free. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has ever wondered about spirituality or to anyone who needs to clear their head of stress and worries."

Montana Adelberg, Entrepreneur, Vancouver, CA

“Lisa’s breath work is one of the most profound yet simple practices I have experienced. 
She goes above and beyond with her personalized soundtrack to support the arc of the work and does an exquisite job of explaining the science behind what you are about to engage in with practicality and a true welcoming humanity. 
She knows how to take you in slowly, and pull you out intelligently so that you can incorporate the experience into the rest of your life. Every time you engage with this work it is different, and she prepares you for the variety of transformative results you can have, so there is less internal judgement or worry as you go through the motions. Above all, she is a loving human being who you know is steeped in integrity, easily wins your trust in her work before you even begin and is not afraid to offer you further investigation into yourself in a gentle but direct way.”

Heather Lilleston, Los Angeles, YFBP